How I Get Totally Free HD TV

There has been a lot of marketing carried out by the cable and satellite service providers. They have claimed to provide high-definition channels as part of your package but you would need to pay a pricier amount to view such channels. However, the truth is that, there is no need to pay outrageous amount when it comes to watching HD channels. You can receive HD TV absolutely free of cost. All you would need is a proper TV antenna and then you are good to go ahead and watch all of your favourite shows including the HD channels. You may not receive your premium channels, but when you get the appropriate antenna it would provide you with the local channels and also real time sports and weather reports. You may find it quite surprising as to the number of channels one can receive by just installing a TV antenna.

The TV antennas available in the market today are advanced wherein they can easily pick up the digital signals based on your location and other factors. For those of you who have purchased a TV unit recently and also reside near the city then they are high chances that you would receive HDTV absolutely free of cost. The TV units which were sold post 2007 should be having a built in ATSC tuner. Once you have all of this in place, the next step is to get signals. The digital signals are very much finicky. You may either get a complete signal or no signal at all. When it comes to picking up the digital signals by the antenna, there are a number of factors that can have an impact or lead to poor signal quality. For those who reside in city, then the tall buildings would turn out to be an interference. For those who stay away from city then then distance from the broadcasting station would be an issue. Also the tuner that is present in your TV can act as a factor to either get good or bad signal.

Hence before you purchase the antenna for watching HDTV, it is important to carry out a proper research on what type of antenna is needed. Websites such as or would help in providing data about the strength of antenna that is needed and also which direction the antenna should be facing so that you get maximum signal. Once you input your area code, it would provide details on the channels available in your area, the distance of the broadcasting tower, the type of antenna you would need and which direction it should be facing.

The picture quality that you would be receiving through cable or satellite TV would be in the compressed format. However, when you view the pictures that are received through the TV antenna then it is in an uncompressed format which means that the picture quality is way better than what you would receive through Pay TV. Hence by installing a TV antenna at home and at an appropriate location, you can receive HD quality picture and sound.

Will I receive HD or not? This is a common question that arises in the minds of the viewers when they install a TV antenna. But even if you are receiving digital channels, there is no surety that you would be receiving HD as well. It is all dependent on the broadcast stations that are available in the area. Though they all send out HD signals but it is not necessary that they have to be HD. Many of the broadcasting stations would be broadcasting just one HD signal and the other could be SD stations which would be present within the allotted bandwidth. Also when it comes to the picture settings, then there can be various inputs. You can either try to convince your local broadcaster for transmitting few test signals or the best would be to copy the settings.

Getting a decent reception would be dependent on a number of factor but when you do not have proper reception then it would not be possible to view HD channels. You have to consider the fact that how far you are from the broadcasting station and how the antenna can be installed so that there is less impact of the distance and interference. You may need to move around the antenna until you get all of the channels including the HD ones. Try to place the antenna as high as possible and if indoors then it should be placed near the window so that it can easily pick up the signals. When you abide by these pointers then it would be possible to get HD channels absolutely free of cost. Note that the antenna companies may make a lot of different claims, but ultimately you would need to make a wise decision when it comes to picking up the right type of antenna.