How to stream the 2019 Super Bowl without cable?

The Super Bowl 2019 is set to be an entertaining game, one which none of the fans would want to miss out on. It would be a tensing moment to watch your favourite team face off with the opposition. Individuals who have cut the cord do not need to worry since there are multiple other ways you can watch your favourite games of Super Bowl. There are options which are available free of cost or at minimal cost and there are some for which you may need to shell out few hundred dollars. Last year the NBC channel had streamed Super Bowl but now the exclusive rights for this game has been given to CBS. Since the CBS channel is one of the major broadcasting networks, hence it becomes quite easier to stream even without the need for a cable subscription. It can get easily picked up by an over-the-air antenna and also is made available in most of the online streaming services. If this seems to be too less, then CBS also has its own streaming service that can be used for viewing the game.

Let us go through those options on how to stream the Super Bowl 2019 even without cable TV.

Over-the-air TV antenna: If you are tired of the constant rising cable or satellite bill then you can purchase a TV antenna and if possible also a TV tuner. These newly designed antennas work the same way as they used to during those earlier days but more technologically advanced. All you would need to do is get a good TV antenna along with the coaxial cable, plug it to the TV and then scan for channels. You should be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on the CBS channel absolutely free of cost. For those of you who are unsure whether they would receive this channel or no, can reach out to antennaweb.org or TVFool.com and enter your area. Once you enter the details, it would provide a list of channels that can be viewed in your area. Accordingly, you would need to purchase the antenna that covers the required distance between the station and your house. CBS is one of the over-the-air networks and is picked up by the antenna but you should ensure that there is less obstruction else it can impact the signal strength.

CBS All Access: In the year 2014, CBS had launched its own streaming service called as CBS All Access. Post the launch, they continuously strive to refine the service and also have started to offer exclusive content to its viewers. By just paying a monthly rental of $5.99, the viewers would get access to all of the live CBS content which they would have otherwise received with cable TV. In addition, you can also receive the on-demand CBS library. CBS All Access is the own streaming service of CBS hence they would soon be announcing as to when the Super Bowl would be streamed on their channel for free. This is one of the marketing tactics to increase the number of subscribers. However even if they do not offer free viewing of the game, then there is still an option to go in for the free 7-day trial. But you would need to ensure that the trial pack starts from 27/1/2019 so that you can watch the game without the need for paying. You can also download CBS All Access on your mobile or computer. If you need to watch it on TV then there are some of the Smart TV’s which can help in easily downloading the CBS app but for others you may need to download the other streaming apps such as Youtube, Netflix and so on to watch the content.

Other streaming devices: There are various streaming devices or services which provide access to CBS channel. Hulu with Live TV and Youtube TV are two best alternatives for cable TV. Both of these streaming services provide free trials for their new users wherein Hulu offers a one-week trial and Youtube offers a one-month trial. Hence those audiences who have never used any of these services earlier can watch the game absolutely free for that period of time. Playstation Vue has a $45 per month package and it includes both CBS as well as Fox among other channels. Sling TV may or may not provide you access to CBS, it all depends on the area that you reside. NBC and Fox are provided in only selected markets. DirecTV Now can be subscribed for $40 per month and it also includes CBS among its 65 live channels. It is also available for Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast and other devices.

NFL Game Pass: For those who are not fussy in terms of watching the game real time then the NFL game pass would provide you with the playoff matchups as well as the Super Bowl in just a single subscription. The NFL game pass provides an on-demand access to all of the games post they are aired. The subscription fees for the NFL game pass has been reduced to $50.