How to Watch The 2019 State of The Union For FREE?

What is State of Union Address? On February 5th, the U.S President Donald Trump would be speaking to the country with its State of Union that is held annually. Originally, it was scheduled to be on January 29th but had to be rescheduled due to the Government shutdown pertaining to the funding for a border wall. The speech by the President would start at 9pm ET. Most of the major broadcasting channels along with cable TV would be airing this speech live.

The theme for this speech would revolve around Unity but there are some who are still wondering whether he may make use of this opportunity to declare a state emergency for securing the funding of the border wall. This is an issue which Donald Trump had raised multiple times in the past as well.

For those of you, who have cut the cord and are interested in tuning to this live speech then there are other modes of watching the speech. The new networking would be streaming the speech live on Facebook. If not, you can also watch it live on various website pages such as CBS News, ABC News and NBC News. Most of the networks would also be streaming the speech live on Youtube hence you can watch it for free on Youtube from PBS Newshour livestream or the CBS News livestream. The White house website would also be livestreaming this speech.

Individuals who have a TV antenna can easily view this speech without the need for paying any additional amount. With the right type of TV antenna, you just need to ensure that there are major broadcasting channels available in your area. The channels are, ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, Fox etc. These are mostly local channels available. Hence it would become easier to watch his addressing the nation live through your TV antenna. But for those who do not have cable and a TV antenna, can try to go in for some streaming services. There are various online streaming services which also have major broadcasting channel as part of their package. You can try out the free trial package during that duration if you are not already a member. This would allow you to watch his speech live without the need for shelling any money from your pocket.

Hulu with Live TV offers thousands of channels and is a best alternative to cable TV. You can try out its one-week trial pack. You can also receive local channels such as CNN, Fox News and many other channels. It can be streamed on more than one device simultaneously. Sling TV is also a cheaper option when it comes to watching the State of the Union speech live. There are three different packages and each of them have the local channels as well. Playstation Vue has four varied options wherein there are more than 50 channels. The packages start from $45 per month and there are lot of local channels made available such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC and other networks.

Once you make use of any of the above options, you can watch the State of Union speech without any break or disturbance.